Email Only
Hosting Solutions

Email Address

Starting from R49.00 per month

Don't need a website yet? We offer Email Only hosting solutions for personal or business users. Set up your email accounts in your Outlook, Thunderbird, Mail for Mac, BlackBerry, iPhone, iPad or even make use your unique domain's Webmail to access your mail remotely from any computer.
Also compatible with GMAIL Aliasing.

  • 1GB Storage
  • GMAIL Aliasing
  • Free .CO.ZA Domain*
  • 100 Email Accounts

Personal email hosting

for your business & yourself

Email hosting with your own personalized domain name – your email @yourdomain

Access your Email

from where ever you are

Access your email from multiple devices, multiple locations – wherever and whenever it suits you.

Upgrade your Email

hosting at any time

Start small and grow your email hosting as your business grows.

Why get personal mail?

Our email hosting service provides you with a personalized email service that is customized with your own domain name from only R49 a month!

Build customer trust by providing everyone within your company with a customized email address @yourcompany or provide your friends & family with their own email address @yourdomain

Our email services include industry-leading SSL encryption on webmail services, TLS & SSL Encryption on SMTP, IMAP & POP3 services to ensure that all email transmission is secure.

It all starts with a Domain

YOURBUSINESS.CO.ZA / .COM / .BIZ / .BLOG / .CAPETOWN / .CLOUD / .CLUB / .CO / .CO.UK / .DE / .DURBAN / .EMAIL / .INFO / .IO / .JOBURG / .ME / .MOBI / .NET / .NL / .ONLINE / .ORG / .PHOTOGRAPHY / .SITE / .TECH / .TV / .US / .WEBSITE / .WEB.ZA / .XYZ ... and many more.

Just Plain Mail

  • 1GB Storage

  • 2 Email Domains

  • 20 Email Accounts

  • 30 Mail Forwarders

  • Brute Force Detection

  • Two Factor Authentication

  • Spam Filtering

  • Monthly Backups

for 1 Year
* Domain Name:

Advanced Mail

  • 2GB Storage

  • 5 Email Domains

  • 50 Email Accounts

  • 50 Mail Forwarders

  • Brute Force Detection

  • Two Factor Authentication

  • Spam Filtering

  • Daily Backups

every Month
* Domain Name:

Custom Mail

  • Unlimited Storage

  • 50 Email Domains

  • 500 Email Accounts

  • Unlimited Mail Forwarders

  • Brute Force Detection

  • Two Factor Authentication

  • Spam Filtering

  • Daily Backups

every Month
* Domain Name:

Email Hosting Service Overview

Email hosting provides the following standard features to ensure that you remain connected to your friends, family, colleagues and clients : Secure web mail facilities that allow you access to your email from now matter where you are in world, and from any internet connected device.

SSL + TLS enabled IMAP and POP3 services that allow you to securely connect your preferred mail client to our mail servers. SSL + TLS come standard with both mail protocols and prevent any unwanted spying eyes!

SSL + TLS enable SMTP which facilitates secure email sending to and from our servers to ensure that your emails are securely transmitted from source to destination. Brute force detection to prevent and block unauthorized connection attempts to your email domain and email users.

We perform Daily backups of all email content and mail server configuration so you wont be without your vital email in the event of a disaster. All inbound and outbound email is archived and available at a nominal fee for those times when you may accidentally delete that important email or require a copy of an email that was sent a year ago!

Multiple anti spam mechanisms and content filtering prevent unwanted spam, and custom rules allow you to specify who you want to receive email from or have your mail redirected to different folders, users or remote users.

Our email hosting services include other great collaboration tools to help you and your team stay in touch. and collaborated no matter where you connect from.

Secure corporate web chat with your colleagues, friends or family via a supporting XMPP client or web based chat client – or take advantage of cloud based like file sharing with shared storage – great for sharing sale presentations, quotes and more.

Email hosting packages can be upgraded at any time and the upgrade is 100% automated – start small and grow as your business grows.

Email Configuration Service

So you just got yourself a fancy new personalised email address, but have no idea what you should be doing next? Why not let us take care of that for you?

We offer an email configuration service that takes care of setting up all of your desired email accounts, forwarders, and auto-responders on your behalf. We will even set your email up on your computer or laptop remotely if needed. Start using your personalised email addresses in Gmail, Outlook, iOS Mail, or anywhere else you send and receive from.

Connect with GMAIL

send and receive using your custom address

Google's popular GMAIL service offers users the ability to link other email addresses to a single account. This allows you to continue using GMAIL's free services, but with your personalised email address. 

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